Officially October!

So technically we’re already a few days into October, but still. Other than a few rainy days, we’ve had impeccable fall weather here in Cleveland, or at least I thnk so, and weather rumors are saying it is supposed to be in the seventies all this week! While I’m not particularly for hotter weather, I would like all of our wood to dry out so I can stick it in the fire pit and go to town. I actually tried Sunday night and it just wasn’t having it… the wood that is. Or the rain that followed within the half hour of me being there.


I’m in love with the above photo, with the watercolor calendar I found that happened to be a free printable by DawnNicoleDesigns (you should definitely check out her site, she has lots of great things, especially if you’re into hand lettering – something I really want to take on), as well as a May Designs notebook that allows you to customize everything about it. So obviously that’s what I did for my challenges this month! I’ll get to those in a moment…

If you don’t know about May Designs, you definitely need to check them out as well! When I said that they were customizable, I meant it. There’s a few different sizes of notebooks you can choose from, along with an array of patterns and fonts. There are even a few different options of boxes you want your writing to be placed in! Honestly, I could spend quite a bit of money at the May Designs site, but alas, I behaved myself and got a small notebook just for one purpose, #inktober!

Yes, that’s right, I took on a drawing challenge this month. Why? I’m not really sure. I really cannot draw to save my life, and while I’ve taken up mixed media arts and intuitive painting, this is nowhere close to letting watercolors bleed onto a notebook or sketchbook page. I suppose it just seems like art has taken over my life lately, especially with this reading slump I’ve been in but I’ll make a post about that some other time.

Anyways, the challenges!

Inktober was kicked off by Jake Parker, and I am blown away by his work! Obviously, you need to check out his site as well as his Instagram, Everything is linked. Seriously, though, I’m pretty sure he’s officially one of my favorite artists I’ve discovered in recent months. I can’t say ‘ever’ only because I have not been doing this art thing very long, and I would probably say Monet before anyone else.

So, since it’s all kinds of fall vibes lately, and Halloween is this month, of course, there are Halloween-themed challenges! The one by Drawlloween goes perfectly for this  month along with the 6 Word Stories hosted by PageFlutter. This is actually the third month in a row I’m taking on the story challenge. I’m obsessed!

Needless to say, my little notebook is going to be filled with all kinds of little drawings, some mixed media, and strange stories. It might not be spooky, but it’ll have that proper vibes!


Second Official Week of Bullet Journaling

Yes, I took pictures of my spreads and I’ve been working on what works and what doesn’t. Now, as of being towards the end of the third week, I’m not so happy with it.

I do not like the fact I have to keep flipping back to my challenges’ pages, nor do I much care for my handwriting (my own fault). Also, as much as I love my XL Moleskine with its soft cover and dot-grid pages, the pages are way to flimsy, and everything bleeds through.


I’m not terribly unhappy with these two pages, they’re full, have things going on with them and I even tried to draw a cactus! I’ve started coloring the top corners of the pages so the months would go together… I should not have gone from silver to blue… Yes, next month will be orange or yellow. Something bright!



I honestly do love the 6-Word Stories! I may not be incredibly vocal about all of them, but they’re nice to sit down and do in a chunk. I’m hoping to have some favorites to do some things with. My To Be Read and Currently Reading spread is exactly what it is meant to be. I also thought it would be a good idea to keep track of quotes I liked too (in the case I get motivated to do a book review).

The more I sit down to paint or play with my Gelatos, the more I want to incorporate into my pieces. So far, most everything is just watercolors and oils, but I’ll talk about my pieces later. I only say this because the art  list was inspired by what I might need or want to try for mixed media pieces.

Also, now that I’m back into reading my Tarot cards again, I figured it was best if I started keeping track of decks I’d like to get my hands on. I’ve sadly missed out on a few these last few  months because I honestly thought I wouldn’t be going back to my cards again.


…So here we have me trying to write in cursive with metallic markers because I wanted it to look pretty. Well… at least the metallic is on point. I actually started a third page for the Quoted challenge where I’m just writing in black ink. I took on the challenge, so I’m going to finish it, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be pretty.



Believe it or not, these are actually my favorite pages! I started practicing French with the duolingo phone app, and I love it.

Since It’s officially falling now, I definitely had to collect some leaves! … I do consider myself a witch after all.

Finally, I’ve sort of been keeping track of what I’m eating as well as cutting out meat.

I know this is a long post, and I do not take the best pictures or have the nicest handwriting, but I like the fact I can look back at it and see what I did or didn’t do. I do enjoy reading my change in thought processes too. So bullet journaling might not be for me, but I am having fun with it. I plan on filling the notebook, and if anything, it will be something I have around for writing and art inspiration.

I Try to Document Everything

(Even if it is just taking 800 pictures of things I might delete later).

I know I haven’t been being loyal to this blog, and I’m hoping to change that, at least a little bit. I’ve been doing a lot lately. It’s like my passion for art just exploded into colours and now I’m painting or journaling on a daily basis and it has been really nice. On top of that, I’ve also started reading my Tarot cards again, and really getting into them. I’m hoping to keep a visual record along with a written record of my current spiritual journey. Shamanism and all!

So hopefully I will be getting some new things on here shortly, at least one by the weekend. I am in the middle of organising things now, and come October, there will be new challenges too! Here’s a hint… #inktober


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New Month, New Challenges, More Journaling!

Yes, yes. I am quite aware I didn’t post for the last few days of August, and I didn’t completely keep up with the Twitter Writing Challenge, but that doesn’t mean I’m quitting, or giving up, or feel like a failure. August was the most I have written in awhile and I quite enjoy the six-word story prompts. Along with that, I finally sat down and started working on my Bullet Journal as well!

I’ve been trying to do the whole bujo thing for awhile now, but, I was sucked into a never ending vortex of pretty layouts with pretty writing with everyone seeming to have way more of a life than I do; Which may be true, however, I’m fine with what I have going for myself and if something more comes along, then so be it. But what I finally decided going into my journaling was that it would be good practice. My handwriting is terrible, and the only way I’m going to get good at lettering is to practice (believe me, if they weren’t out of my budget I’d have a calligraphy book by now and I may have looked for a handwriting book as well… like something to practice cursive).

So yes, my journal is a mess, and a page has already fallen out. It’s a dotted grid, extra large Moleskine with a soft cover, and an odd blue cover. I love the way the pages feel, even if they’re light and kind of see through, and though the dots seem helpful, I still cannot write in a straight line as you’ll see.

This is going to be a long post (thank you photos), but the challenges will be at the end.



As you can see, I don’t have much going on. Which is fine, but things always fo tend to come up!


Again, I started this pretty much at the end of August, it was something to the likes of wading into cold water and not wanting to go any further, but you know you’re just going to be colder once the air hits whatever you’ve already gotten wet…


I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I’m trying to keep track of what I’m eating and the book I’m reading mentioned a journal that a woman owned who kept everything from leaves to her candy wrappers, receipts and so forth, and well, I suppose I thought it was a good idea. (I eat a lot of crap at work).

Also, the Washi Tape… This is where I had a page fall out and I was hoping I could keep it taped (I even tried to staple it!). I wound up re-writing the page and tucking the one that fell out into the folder in the back of the notebook.


The start of September!



I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my challenges in my journal for this month. I might make an edit or two if I really like something, other than that, I will try and post close up shots of the days at least once a week on my Instagram.

Most of the spreads are from the Bullet Journal website. The basic banners are found on Pinterest, and my shitty writing is my shitty writing, other than the ‘Quoted’ headline which I tried to make look like the font it was done with for the challenge.

Honestly, if you google Bullet Journal you’ll find any and everything!

As for September’s Challenges…


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6-Word Story Challenge




6-Word Story Challenge
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Day(s) 26-29: Race -Seductress – About a Prisoner and AllAboard! –
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About A Prisoner and All Aboard! wound up being combined because my thoughts for a prisoner involved escaping and freedom via train and I do tend to have wanderlust thoughts where I too hop on a train and go wherever it goes… yay, movies!

Just two more days left of this challenge and then September starts and so does a new challenge, with a new list of words!